The best way to invest in your company is to invest in your knowledge and the knowledge of your team members. It will help your company grow more than anything else you can do.

- Shawn King, Mr Fence

The biggest difference that I see between companies that are successful and the ones that struggle is the level of commitment they have to personal growth through learning.

- Sam Natello, DotCom

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Some information is simply “timeless”. It doesn’t have to be brand new and fresh to be excellent. Take a look at our valuable collection of information designed to help fencers of all stages.

This website is designed specifically to answer important questions that fencers ask - with REAL ANSWERS. Our expert team goes beyond the simple one-line answer and provides real value to the readers.

All questions you see on this website come directly from fence industry people - usually fence company owners or operations managers, but also sometimes from office staff and even installers. Anyone who works in the fence industry can ask us a question! Some of these questions are submitted to us directly by using our ASK US A QUESTION form. We also routinely participate in fence industry Facebook groups like The Fence Professionals Network. If we see a question that we feel deserves a better/deeper answer than a few one-liners that are common on Facebook we'll grab those up as well.

This website is managed by the content team at DotCom. DotCom is the leading marketing agency in the fencing industry - working with nearly every top industry association, expert, and influencer. The content team at DotCom publishes thousands of pieces of fence-related content each month and is uniquely positioned to speak to leaders in the fencing industry every day. Many of our answers are also posed directly to several of our awesome clients such as Shawn King (Successful Contractor), Tony Thornton (The Godfather of Fence), Josh Glover (The Smartest Man in Fence), Joe Everest (The Fence Expert), and dozens of other top fence industry professionals will weigh-in on many of our “answers”.

Simply click this link and ask your question! Our team will either answer you privately, or if it is a question we think other fencers would benefit from - we will answer it here on this website and alert you when we post the answer.

Absolutely! We have some great creative resources for fence professionals - which should be extremely helpful when you are thinking about designing a new website, wrapping your truck, designing new business cards or yard signs or fence signs. We are proud to have the largest collection of fence industry “stuff” on the planet!

DotCom is the leading website design and digital marketing agency serving ONLY THE FENCE INDUSTRY! For nearly 10 years, DotCom has been working with most of the big names in fencing. Lead by Sam Natello (a leading expert speaker at fence industry events nationwide), DotCom is a proud partner and “friend” of the fencing industry. Fencers are our family.